Logistics - what and where?


The general briefing and subsequent briefings before the competition flights will take place in the conference room of Hotel Rudnik
This unique place will be the main meeting point before the flights, later the nearby beach will be a place for integration events for pilots and crews.


How will you get there? See the map https://goo.gl/maps/fa1iun6MSTUQYoJm8


General briefing 21 August, at 15.00 p.m.

First briefing before competition flight 22 August, at 5.30 a.m.


The opening ceremony will start in the center of Grudziądz, on the Vistula River at Brama Wodna. The pilots will walk along the charming Spichrzowa Street, which will be decorated with balloons for this occasion, towards Góra Zamkowa.


21 August, at 17.00 p.m.


The closing ceremony is planned at the Teatr Cultural Center in Grudziądz. There, on the stage, the decoration of the winners will take place.


26 August, at 16.00 p.m.


We know that in junior competitions, apart from sports competition, integration and fun are also very important :) Therefore, look forward to information about what events we have prepared for you. One thing is certain - all events will be held at Lake Rudnik!

We promise that it will be an unforgettable competition with a unique atmosphere. And you probably won't sleep much!


*amazing cover photo get Bartosz Bujarski, the rest of photo get Mariusz Nasieniewski