How to go through this process?


Each pilot from outside Europe who comes to the competition must obtain a certificate of recognition of an aviation license in Poland. Find out how!


To receive a certificate of recognition of a foreign pilot's license, you must submit an application, which you will find here. The office has 30 days to consider the application and issue the certificate.

Person from the Polish Civil Aviation Authority who can help you: 

Paweł Kruczek

The completed, printed and signed application should be sent to:

Civil Aviation Authority
ul. Marcina Flisa 2
02-247 Warszawa

The application must be accompanied by the attachments listed in point 8 of the application, i.e.:

  • Copy of license,
  • Copy of medical certificate,
  • Confirmation of the payment for the issue (PLN 139)

Bank account of the Civil Aviation Authority

Civil Aviation Authority
ul. Marcina Flisa 2
02-247 Warsaw
National Bank of Poland

By transfer from abroad:
IBAN: PL31 1010 1010 0022 9322 3100 0000

transfer title: Tab.1 pkt 3.7 Uznawanie certyfikatów wydanych przez nadzory obcych państw

  • True copy of logbook (page with personal data and with actual flight time),
  • Proof of participation in sporting competitions
  • Document issued by the flight organizer, showing how the organizer intends to ensure that the pilot was familiar with the relevant information concerning safety and able to respond appropriately in the event of any risks associated with these flights – competition and demonstration flight only,
  • Proof of the execution of at least one reconnaissance flight in the presence of a qualified instructor - specific non-profit tasks only

Polish Civil Aviation Authority will send an inquiry to the supervising institution from your country, so if you have the opportunity to contact the civil aviation authority in your country and warn that there will be such an inquiry from Poland, it may facilitate the issuance of the certificate.

IMPORTANT that you enter that this certificate in paper form is to be sent to the address of the Grudziadz Balloon Club. Details:

Grudziądzki Klub Balonowy
ul. Dąbrowskiego 11/17
86-300 Grudziądz

We will then avoid problems if the certificate does not reach you on time. Because they can only be posted once.