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if you have a company, work in the company's advertising department and are looking for interesting forms of promotion, then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Balloons are a great advertising medium. Their presence arouses great interest. They are eagerly photographed, and the presence of the logotype on the coating or the basket is not cut out by the media reporting the events. 



The struggles of the pilots during the Championship will be accompanied by a joyful celebration of fiesta crews - the Grudziadz Balloon Club plans to invite friendly pilots. We will go out with balloons to the residents - shows and starts of the balloon fiesta (10-15 balloons) will be located in individual districts of the city - Lotnisko, Strzemięcin, Rzadz, Tarpno etc.
The fiesta will start on Monday with the competition and end on Saturday with the morning flight. The task of the fiesta crews will be to promote the event, bring this sport closer to residents and tourists. Balloons will be at your fingertips. The culmination of the event will be a night balloon show in Błonia Nadwiślańskie, which we have planned for Friday, August 25.



if you are interested in cooperation with us, write to or call 600 358 374